Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street at Paramount Theatre 


“Cecilia Iole brings a powerhouse soprano to the role of Johanna…And in the staggeringly fast-and-furious duet, “Kiss Me,” she and Rooney engage in a dazzling virtuosic display of first love.”

            ---Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times

“…genuinely empathetic to boot, as [is] Cecilia Iole (another newcomer), who plays Johanna”

            ---Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

“… the stunning Cecilia Iole as Johanna. New to the Paramount, her waiflike beauty and her exquisite lyric soprano voice create the perfect ethereal ingénue.”

            ---Bill Beard, The Rock River Times

“Cecilia Iole (as fiercely determined a Johanna as I’ve seen) and Patrick Rooney not only have the required vocal chops to nail their ballads.  They also have good chemistry, holding forth the possibility that love stories need not end as Sweeney’s did.”

            ---Mike Fisher, Journal Sentinel

“Cecilia Iole, another Paramount newcomer, is enchanting as Johanna”

            ---Eric Schelkopf, The Total Scene

Ms. Iole thrills with her sadly tragic and beautifully sung and articulated “Green Finch and Linnet Bird.”

            ---Colin Douglas, Chicago Theatre Review

Candide at Music Theater Works 


“The spoiled and beautiful Cunegonde (Cecilia Iole, so dazzling as Johanna in Paramount Theatre’s “Sweeney Todd” earlier this season) uses her soaring soprano and comic gifts for a show-stopping rendering of the demonic aria ‘Glitter and Be Gay.’”

            ---Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times

“However, the night really belongs to Baker and Iole (and if you don’t know who either of these actors are, you should). Iole’s soprano is effortless and her versatility reminds me of Rebecca Luker with a healthy dose of Kelli O’Hara and Judy Kuhn thrown in. She brought the house down with ‘Glitter and be Gay.’”

            ---Abigail Trabue, PerformInk

“Cecilia Iole, who scores a home run with her coloratura aria ‘Glitter and Be Gay’ as Cunegonde.”

            ---Albert Williams, Chicago Reader

“Cunegonde, the delightful Cecilia Iole.”

            ---Alan Bresloff, Around the Town Chicago

"As Cunegonde, one of musical theatre’s most vocally demanding and challenging roles, Cecilia Iole effortlessly sails through this difficult Bernstein score, particularly exciting and playful during her schizophrenic aria ‘Glitter and Be Gay.’”

            ---Colin Douglas, Chicago Theatre Review

“[Iole] lands “Glitter and Be Gay” deftly.”  

            ---Tom Williams, Chicago Critic

“Cecilia Iole is a fetching Cunegonde.”  

            ---Dan Zeff, chicagoland theater reviews

"In a song that tests a soprano’s skill, Cecilia Iole is a joy to behold."

            ---Susan Lieberman, Picture This Post



Candide at Clarence Brown Theatre 


“Iole, the sensational coloratura soprano who soars in the killer aria, “Glitter and Be Gay”."

            ---Hedy Weiss, Chicago Tonight

“Iole throws her whole body into the demanding role with such songs as the character's first-act signature "Glitter and Be Gay." Though Candide is her character's true love, Iole's best stage partner is the play's Old Lady played by Heidi Kettenring. The two are dynamic in the second-act girl power song "We are Women." ”

            ---Amy McRary, Knoxville News Sentinel

“Of course, Ms. Iole’s Cunegonde has the Act I show-stopping number, “Glitter and Be Gay”—and stop the show she did. Giving the aria a mix of coloratura acrobatics, delightful comic juxtaposition, and brash, belt-it-out vocal delivery, Iole wowed the opening night audience, who responded with extended applause.

            ---Alan Sherrod, Arts Knoxville

“Iole is exceptional as Cunégonde. She is a delight to watch and hear.”

            ---Harold Duckett, Knox TN Today

Pirates of Penzance at Music Theater Works


"Cecilia Iole’s Mabel is a rarity of this genre – a genuinely comedic take on a role intended to satirize operatic soprani. Iole takes her Mabel to 11 without sacrificing her pretty tone, and the production is a better comedy for it."

            ---Judith Singer, Splash Magazine

"Cecilia Iole peppers “Poor wondering one” with coloratura to hilarious effect and her ironic sense of humor beautifully complements those of Barker and Harms."

            ---Jacob Davis, Picture This Post

" a delightful performance by Cecilia Iole"

            ---Alan Bresloff, Around the Town Chicago

"Cecilia Iole’s captivating Mabel, whose effortless coloratura perfectly complements Barker’s golden tenor..."

            --- Lawrence Bommer, Stage and Cinema

"Cecilia Iole displayed a vibrant soprano, as Frederic’s beloved, Mabel. Iole delivered a polished and clarion rendition of the mock-operatic “Poor wand’ring one,” wholly secure in the stratospheric coloratura. "

            --- Lawrence A. Johnson, Chicago Classical Review



Into the Woods at Music Theater Works

Little Red Ridinghood

"Cecilia Iole, who’s twice proven her Sondheim chops as Sweeney Todd’s Johanna, shows her comic and vocal skills as the spunky Little Red Ridinghood."

            ---John Olson, Chicago Theatre Beat

“Little Red Ridinghood, a mischievous Cecilia Iole..”

   ---Hedy Weiss, WTTW

"Red-Riding Hood, adorably played by Cecilia Iole.”

            ---Alan Bresloff, Around the Town Chicago

"Other fine performances come from Cecilia Iole, as a precocious and insatiably hungry Little Red Ridinghood…Each of these young performers is blessed with great acting skill and powerful musical talents."

            ---Colin Douglas, Chicago Theatre Review


25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee at Steel Beam Theatre

Olive Ostrovsky

"Olive Ostrovsky, the sweetly vulnerable Cecilia Iole..."

            --- Barbara Vitello, The Daily Herald



The Fantasticks at Arizona Repertory Theatre


“Hallstrom and Iole infused Matt and Luisa with the right touch of innocence, and when they’ve been exposed to the harsh realities of the world, a weariness that is still laced with hope.”

---Kathleen Allen, Arizona Daily Star